Wednesday, 24 April 2013

dream comes true with a bite

    Hello all it's been a very busy spring so far but my love for this lives on .I do thank you all for your kind comments and will keep trying to post more often. On a sad note i notice that miss Evie from bacburner has left us this saddens me as she was a great freind and the one that inspired me to start this . i do hope she is well and if anyone could fill me in on what may have happened  to her to make her leave us i would very much appreciate it . Love you all .................Meg


  1. Not really sure what happened with Evie either. I know someone at Rachel's Haven mentioned all the yahoo groups and other sites she had were shut down as well, so it probably wasn't an 'accident' on the side of one or two sites managing the accounts. I just hope it was for a reason that makes Evie happy.

  2. Yes Meg, a Dream cum/come true! Either one for me would me- you know Meg the willing never have a Dream of this Size ever cum true but I would one would Love if did! Another sexy, amazing, I want this story Meg- thank you I Autumn Love your mind and thinking! Are you sure you were never a guy?