Sunday, 11 December 2011

Thanks Evie

My good friend i wanted to do this tribute to express how much you have given all of us.You got me started back in the yahoo days and welcomed this girl into your wonderful ,and creative world so ty so much i love you and wish you all the joy and love this holiday season. ..............kisssss Meg


  1. Awwww, you're quite welcome hun! You've made my day by saying that, what a cutie you are! I hope you have a fantastic holiday time too and thanks for thinking of me. Loved the captions, really hot. I'm glad I've been able to inspire you and equally, I love reading your stuff.

    Evie XXX

  2. Meg,

    Lovely work!

    Both stories are wonderful, and the pic from the top one is absolutely stunning, suiting the story very well.

    Thank you!!!!

  3. Your caps are sexy, love reading them & happy holidays girl...

    I may have to whip up something for u again sometime soon. ;9